The Go-To-Place: Osha

Before I moved to San Francisco, I only ate Thai food a few times.

And after? Every block in my neighborhood has a Thai restaurant.

My first San Franciscan Thai experience was at Osha on Geary x Leavenworth. It was really late and I was craving for some food. Osha was conveniently next door to the bar I was at, Rye, and the only place still open. At peak weekend nights, the wait time can range from 10 to 30 minutes, but luckily, I remember I didn't have to wait too long for a table.

The food satisfied my craving and was also wallet friendly. Score.

Ever since that first experience, Osha has been my go-to-spot for late night dining.

But, this time, it wasn't after a long night at the bar, it was just a normal dinner night with Kate.

It was slightly chilly and Kate was sick, so we ordered Tom Ka Tofu, a coconut based soup with vegetables. I've had better Tom Kas at other places, but this one quickly warmed us up. We split Chinese broccoli with roasted pork that came in a garlic and oyster sauce. We also ordered one of my favorite dishes, spicy eggplant with chicken. This dish is stir fried with garlic, basil, chili and bell pepper. Spicy is in its name, but I usually order it mild. Trust me, don't ever order hot at Thai restaurants. It's extremely hot!

The price is reasonable (it used to be much cheaper!), portions are generous (we didn't finish everything) and they're quick. I often feel like they load up on the MSG, but it's ok once in awhile…

Osha has expanded to many other locations with fancier ambiances and higher prices, but I still prefer the original and "ghetto" location on Geary for its authenticity and proximity. This once "exotic" cuisine quickly became normal for me and I can't wait to add more cuisines into my repertoire.

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