Saturday's lunch in Los Angeles was a hangover's cure at Tito's Tacos. Something about greasy food always seems to make me feel better.

Upon stepping out of the car, you can smell the fried food. Sounds kind of gross, but it was a little comforting that this place is definitely fresh. The restaurant is small, but they are very quick and you can order inside or outside. From the outside, you can see the kitchen and employees preparing massive amounts of refried beans, salsa and frying taco shells.

Jason and I ordered four tacos and a tostada that came with a large helping of fresh salsa and chips. The fried tacos were amazing. Every time I think or see these tacos, my mouth starts watering and I instantly crave them. The corn shell was still warm and fresh from the fryer. The combination of shredded beef, lettuce, cheese (extra charge) and salsa was delicious. I didn't need any of that sour cream or guacamole to enjoy this bad boy. And even better? Only $2.20 each! Everything on the menu is less than $5.

The tostada was the same fried tortilla but flat and topped with refried beans, lettuce and cheese. Pretty darn good too, but I'd stick with the tacos.

I usually like chunky salsa, but Tito's was the total opposite. It was a smooth puree of fresh tomatoes, onion, peppers, garlic, lime, cilantro and other herbs. The salsa was watery and made everything taste better. By having a smooth puree, it melted the flavors together, rather than tasting big chunks of tomatoes.

I loved Tito's Tacos and would love to find something similar in the Bay Area. It seems like most Mexican restaurants only have soft tacos, but there's got to be something similar. Suggestions?

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