First Attempt of Kogi – Fail.

My only request for LA was to try Kogi, a Korean bbq taco truck. In LA, there's this huge craze of taco trucks reinventing themselves and selling food that's not typical of a taco truck. Some trucks have Mexican/Chinese tacos (Don Chow Tacos), Vietnamese sandwiches (Nom Nom Truck), Japanese rice burgers (Marked 5) and even Indian food (India Jones).

I was determined to try Kogi, the original and granddaddy of them all. Since the trucks are mobile, they rarely are in the same location. So, you have to follow them on Twitter to know the exact location and time. It's a great method of intertwining the internet into one's business. Plus, it's like a game, you never know when and where the trucks will pop up. These trucks are novelty and the idea of tracking them down is fun.

We looked up the nearest Kogi truck and for that day, it was at a book store's parking lot. By the time we got there, there was a massive line (I already expected this – there is usually a long line at these trucks) and music was bumping from loud speakers. I appreciated Kogi had brought some entertainment, while their guests waited patiently in line.

It was extremely hot with no shade and after twenty minutes of moving only a few inches, I threw my towel in and said "let's leave." I thought I was a very patient person, but the heat makes me grumpy and the line was moving way too slow. I also felt bad that my friends were waiting solely for me in a very uncomfortable, hot situation.

As we left the line and walked back to our car, I saw several people enjoying their tacos. I was bitter that I couldn't taste the deliciousness and still determined to try Kogi by the end of the trip.

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