Hilltop Mansion

After the touristy stuff, we headed up to Yamashiro which means "mountain palace" in Japanese. Yamashiro is a gorgeous, ornate mansion (now restaurant) with a lush Japanese garden and dramatic views of Los Angeles. Oh yeah, and there's a 600-year-old pagoda(!).

Instead of going into the restaurant, we walked down to the Pagoda Bar, an outdoor area where you can enjoy drinks and soak in the beauty (and smog – haha) of LA.

The Japanese garden is really beautiful. The landscape was a $2 million project with over 30,000 varieties of trees and shrubs. The garden once had a private zoo of exotic birds, monkeys, hundreds of goldfish and even rare Australian black swans. There doesn't seem to be much wildlife now, but it would have been amazing to see some black swans. I guess the antique pagoda is good enough. ;)

We ordered a round of drinks that cost $13 each. Am I back in Vegas with outrageous prices? I should not have been surprised, considering where we were. haha. I got a basil-jito that was pretty good, but nothing out of this world.

Mike was the only one that ordered a bloody Mary that was pretty darn amazing. The drink in general is an acquired taste, but this one was the best one I've had (not as though I always order them). It had the right balance of flavor, heat (tons of pepper!) and acidity. Yummy and memorable.

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