Lunch on the Bay

Jason's parents wanted to check out Ray's wedding reception venue, Ondine (see post), so I tagged along with them. The building has two floors, upstairs is Ondine, where they hold parties and downstairs is Horizons, a regular restaurant.

It was a beautiful day and we got a table near the open window. It was too chilly to sit outside, but still gorgeous to see the ocean.

I was pretty hungry by the time we sat and I ordered a Dungeness crab meat melt ($17) that came with mixed greens. The salad compromised most of the dish, with two small crab meat melts on each side. The crab meat was on a lemon-pepper brioche, topped with swiss cheese and avocado. The brioche was yummy, soft and full of butter. The melt itself was only mediocre – the cheese wasn't melted enough and the crab didn't taste THAT fresh.

Horizons felt like a tourist trap (the valet guy did ask us where we were from). It doesn't seem like a lot of Sausalito locals go there. Horizons is like going to one of those restaurants along the Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco – mediocre, overpriced food.

Thankfully, I already tried the wedding reception's menu and that was much better. I would never go to Horizons again, well, maybe for a drink since they have a full bar and an outdoor patio.

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