All You Can Drink…Sake?

Somehow, the boys and I ended up at Coach Sushi, a place known for their all you can drink sake for a measly $3.50.

The sake is served in a traditional cedar box and it'd always be filled to the top by the friendly Japanese server. He never lets your box go empty, even if you decline. One new thing I learned was to drink the sake with a small pinch of salt – like a margarita. I didn't know they did this with sake, but it was a nice flavor of saltiness and the alcohol melding together.

You can also "save" or "claim" your box by purchasing and decorating it to your liking. They'll save the box at the restaurant for you to use the next time you visit. They have walls and walls filled with people's boxes – pretty cool artwork.

After ordering, we each got a little dish of pickled vegetable. I have no idea what it was, but it was so good. The vegetable was some sort of root (lotus?) with sweet and crunchy textures. I asked the waitress what it was and she said tomato. way was that a tomato!

For dinner, I ordered tempura udon. Not bad, but not the best udon noodles I've had. The shrimp tempura was the smallest size I've ever seen. It's OK though, I was already happy from the flowing sake.

I love tempura ice cream, so I was excited to see Coach Sushi serving it. I ordered one and it suspiciously came out too quickly (pre-made, I suppose). Oh well, it was a satisfying sweet finish of cold green tea ice cream wrapped in a warm tempura batter.

I think it'd be awhile before I go back to Coach Sushi. It's definitely not a mellow place. I felt like I had to continually drink the sake so I wouldn't "waste" it, but it was never ending (good and bad)! Food's only mediocre and the fish is not the freshest, but go there for a good time. :)

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