Dilemmas: Which Bag Should I Buy?

All my day purses are shoulder bags because I hate holding my purse on my wrist or hands. My hands need to be free to hold a cup of tea, pick up magazines, scrounge through my purse for gum and other mundane things.

But, I also like clutches. It's the perfect evening bag to throw your essentials into and the best accessory to complete a "going-out" outfit. The downside? You guessed it, my hands are not free.

It happens all the time. I'm out with my friends, drink in one hand and clutch in another. No free hands. Option B entails clutching the clutch in the same arm as the one holding the drink, but that doesn't last long because it gets uncomfortable and the clutch keeps slipping.

The solution? I want a bag that has a chain, so I can hold it regularly as a clutch but also transform it into a shoulder bag.

Please help me choose a clutch. They're all fairly similar since I love embellishments and shiny things, but still different in its own way. I've chosen black and silver ones for versatility and it's ability to match with any outfit. I'm swaying more towards the last two since they're cheaper and I really can't bare the thought of dropping almost $100.

Please help and send me your thoughts. Thank you!

1. Jessica McClintock Clutch $85.74
2. Hype Stardust Clutch $82.50
3. Le Regale Clutch $32
4. Le Regale Clutch $31

See the full gallery on posterous

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