King Dong.

King DONG.


Immature, I know. I couldn't resist. That's what happens when you hang out with a bunch of guys that make fart jokes all day.

I was craving for Chinese food (very rare), so the boys and I went to King Dong. I've heard of this place numerous times because Jason and Mike go there frequently for lunch. I immediately denied whenever they suggested the restaurant, but I finally gave in, curious to find out why my boyfriend visits this place.

We ordered a set dinner for four which included hot and sour soup, potstickers, mu shu pork, Mongolian beef, prawns and vegetables and Mike's favorite dish, King Dong chicken.

Growing up in a Chinese restaurant, my expectations are extremely high when it comes to Chinese food. It's either bland, too salty, too greasy or just doesn't taste right.

King Dong was no different.

Although I'd have to say, it was a little comforting eating Chinese-American food. I haven't had hot and sour soup or mu shu pork in so long. It brought back memories of my dad's cooking – not the same at all, but just the thought of my dad's food.

If the boys ever suggest Dong again, it'd be a flat no. Do you guys hear that?! Sorry, I'm picky. :P

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