Salad in Napa

My friend, Michele and I went to Napa a few weeks back and we planned to go to Bleaux Magnolia for lunch. After many u-turns and back tracking, we failed even more miserably when we saw the empty restaurant and for sale sign. Why?! I was so annoyed because it took us forever to find the place, the last review on Yelp was only two weeks ago AND they still had an active website with no announcement of closing. Oh yeah, and it was insanely hot, we're talking 100 degrees.

I was disappointed since I had suggested this place. But, on the bright side, we were right next to Napa Town Center, an outdoor shopping mall. It was getting a little late (we still had to go wine tasting), so we quickly chose Gillwoods Cafe.

I was so hot. All I could think about was eating something on the cooler side. I ordered a chicken, apple and walnut salad that came with a curry dressing. The plate was piled high and I barely made a dent in it. The meal was not the best salad I had, but it filled me up and I was ready to jump into some tasting rooms with its AC cranked up.

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