115-Year-Old Ice Cream Parlor

After all the savory dishes at Geta Sushi (see previous post), my sweet tooth kicked in.

We walked up the street to the popular ice cream parlor, Fentons. I went to the Pleasant Hill location (now closed) often when I was a kid, so this place is a little bit nostalgic, like in the amazing movie, Up.

Fentons was founded in 1894 and all their ice cream is handmade with fresh ingredients. The ice cream texture is rich, creamy and gooey. You can tell they use whole milk and they don't skimp on portions, so dieters beware! You'll have to go to the gym for an extra hour or two. ;)

Jason and Jeff got scoops of coffee cookie dream – coffee ice cream with Oreo cookies AND cookie dough. It was a perfect combination considering I love coffee ice cream and Oreo cookies. I'm not that big on cookie dough, but it was still delicious.

Not wanting to copy them and to try something different, I got a scoop of strawberry cheesecake. The vanilla ice cream was creamy with swirls of fresh strawberries and syrup.

All this talk about ice cream makes me want some now. If only San Francisco weather isn't so foggy today…

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