Top Chef

Every season, the creative department and I go on an offsite to do some team building. Previous offsites included sushi classes at Asa Sushi, going to the de Young Museum, making decorative boxes at Kathleen Deery Design, cooking lessons at Sur La Table and even a potluck (see post).

Since budget for offsites are near non-existent, we decided to go to a coworker's house and have a Top Chef-esque challenge. We were divided into two teams, salad and appetizer. The twist? My colleague conveniently lives down the street from Draper Farms and we had to go there to get our ingredients.

Draper Farms was amazing. I wish I had a farm within walking distance! It was a ton of fun picking herbs, lettuce and also going into the chicken coop to get fresh eggs. I was on team salad, so the farm was a prime place to get extra fresh, organic ingredients.

For our salad, we made a dijon vinagrette with fresh greens and roasted peppers, topped with garlic roasted croutons and a fresh, sunny egg. It was simple, but delicious when you smothered the runny yolk all over the greens.

The appetizer team made a sophisticated crostini with goat cheese, sautéed kale and fresh cherries. I'm not a fan of goat cheese, but I took a bite and enjoyed it. I was quite impressed and loved the vibrant colors.

We presented our dishes and after much deliberation, the judges deemed both teams winners. Cheesy and lame, yes, but there was not a clear winner; both dishes were great.

To accompany our salad and appetizer, we had burgers, hot dogs, corn and a refreshing lemonade-type drink.

This offsite was a blast and everyone had so much fun. I really loved Draper Farms. Thank you MJ and Antonia for organizing and hospitality!

Select photos courtesy of Brooke.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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