Not Another Gap Lunch

I took a Friday off so no Gap lunch for me. :)

Jason, Mike and I went to Yardie Jerk in Oakland. They've been raving about this place, so I was anxious to taste this "famous" jerk chicken. Plus, my previous experience with jerk chicken wasn't that great (see post) and I wanted to try authentic jerk chicken.

First off, the place is clean. Very clean, considering it's in the sketchy side of West Oakland. The space is small with modern finishes and touches of Caribbean decor. They have a small selection of items where you order at the counter and the food is served in biodegradable packaging. I love how Earth conscious they are – already earning brownie points.

I ordered the 1/4 jerk chicken that came with rice and beans and a green salad. Jason mentioned the first time they went there, they were serving coconut rice with the meal, but now it's just rice and beans. You can still order the coconut rice as a side order.

As you can see, there was plenty of food, enough for a second meal. The jerk chicken was much better than the one I had before. It wasn't dry and the skin had flavor. But still, I didn't think it was that amazing. Maybe I'm just not that into jerk chicken.

The side dishes were ok. I wish I got coconut rice instead of the rice and beans. I'd probably have liked that more.

The best part of the meal (sadly) was the homemade pineapple ginger punch. You have to love ginger if you plan to get this drink. You take a small sip and immediately recognize the full ginger flavor. I loved it and want to make my own. Anyone have a good recipe?

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