Chicken + Waffles

After three and half hours at Antiques by the Bay in Alameda, the largest antique and collectibles show in Northern California, my friends and I were a little hungry so we headed to Oakland's Jack London Square.

Jack London Square was unfortunately kind of dead. I wanted to take them to The Fat Lady (see post), but they were closed. So, we randomly picked Home of Chicken and Waffles.

The place reminded me of Waffle House in the South, a Denny's-like diner with artificial food. The chicken was not bad at first, but after several bites, the chicken was too dry. Although, drenching maple syrup on it was quite good. :) I've had better waffles and grits.

All mediocre food and place. Maybe I went on a bad day, considering Yelp rated them 4.5 stars out of 374 reviews. Whenever I hear about chicken and waffles, it instantly reminds me of Roscoe's, a famous place in Los Angeles. My friend told me their chicken and waffles are delicious and I was so close to going, but never made it. Maybe I'll go the next time I visit LA.

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