Campfire Dinner

Right after my hot dog lunch, we were all attacked by mosquitoes. I even had insect repellent, no help there! When mosquitoes are around, I always get eaten alive, and this time was no different. I retreated to our tent and didn't come out until dinnertime.

And for dinner, we kinda went all out.

Before the trip, I was reading a lot about campfire cooking, so I was pretty excited to experiment. We cooked steaks on my new grill for a delicious smoky flavor, baked potatoes wrapped in foil thrown right into the fire, popped our own popcorn, sautéed garlic shrimp and grilled a banana marshmallow concoction. We also had corn on the cob and rice to go with our spectacular meal.

I love campfire cooking. Everything seems to taste so much better cooked right over a roaring fire.

Next time, I want to try cooking pizza and maybe grill some fruit.

Thanks again to Jon for the steak picture – you have a nice camera. :)

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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