Classic Campfire Cooking

Our second day of camping consisted of hiking through Castle Crags and Mossbrae Falls. The falls were gorgeous and breathtaking. It was so satisfying reaching them after our long hike in the sweltering heat.

After the long hikes, we had worked up quite an appetite and had to stop by the grocery store. The only thing in my mind at that point was, "I want ice cream." The weather was so hot and an ice cream treat was my savior. We got a box of Drumsticks and wow, Drumsticks never tasted so good. It was nostalgic (my mom always bought these when I was little).

It was nearly dinner time by the time we headed back to camp. The Drumstick cooled me down, but I was still hungry, so I stuck a hot link on a stick and put it over the flame. Hot dog on a stick over a flame is classic campfire cooking. It's fun to slowly roast your dog, watch it brown and also easy to make.

And as always, a camping trip is never a camping trip if I don't have my marshmallows. I look forward to toasting my marshmallows once the campfire starts. I was so engrossed in trying to take a picture that I accidentally put my marshmallow on fire (image 9). My boyfriend actually loves the burnt, putting it on fire process, but I like mine toasted to a soft brown. The best part is eating the outer crispy shell and then the marshmallow creaminess. So lovely.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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