Breakfast in the Woods

As previously mentioned, my friends and I went camping a couple of weeks ago. After a long five or so hour drive, we reached Castle Crags, up north near the town of Dunsmuir.

The first night was mellow, we didn't cook much since we were pretty tired, but I was excited to use my new heavy duty grill (image4) I bought just for the trip.

Jon started cooking tosino, a marinated Filipino pork dish. It's often served with a fried egg and I added my own twist by wrapping it in a tortilla. The tosino was juicy with a smoky flavor, crispy yet moist and delicious sandwiched with the egg in a tortilla. I can eat that breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

As for the grill. I'm loving it; such a great investment. It's easy to pack since the legs collapse and durable. I have so many new ideas on how I want to use it.

Campfire cooking is truly the best. Everything turns out so much better!

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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