Cherry Blossom Festival

Last Saturday, my friends and I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown. The main reason I go is for the food and beer – when else can you drink on the street legally? ;)

First up were the riblets in a sweet honey Teriyaki sauce. The meat was perfectly cooked, tender and full of BBQ flavor.

There's always a long line for takoyaki. Takoyaki is a ball that is filled with octopus bits, batter and onion. They're topped with a gingery dark sauce and bonito flakes (fish shavings). The fist time I had takoyaki was in Japan and the bonito flakes were "dancing." It looked so beautiful, yet weird since the flakes were moving around (they're melting from the heat of the dish). So we stood in the 40 person deep line, but within 10 minutes, one of the staff members said they ran out. :(

We braved another long line for a popular booth, imagawayaki. I love this sweet concoction. It's a pancake-like batter that's filled with red bean paste. When you bite into it, you taste the tender crust, soft batter and ultimately, the sweet bean paste. It is so good when it's warm in your hands.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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