Introducing the Gapateria

Oh how I love the cafe upstairs at Gap Corporate. Affordable, good, healthy food and most importantly, convenient. Although the convenience issue quickly results in lazy-ness. All I have to do is walk to the elevator, push 7 and up I go to get my lunch. This method is much easier than having to trek all the way downstairs and outside to the world for lunch. Even though, my choices outside the building are extremely good and wide. More of that in a later post.

What I had for lunch today was from the saute station (pre-prepared and scooped onto your plate at your command). It was a plate full (real silverware and china plates are also beneficial to the lunch experience!) of stir fried chicken and vegetables with brown rice. Didn’t I say Gapateria was healthy? The chef also took time to make it look extra pretty on the plate. Much appreciated! :)

The vegetables were over cooked (as most things tend to be from sitting in steam tables for hours), but it was tasty and I felt healthy eating it. It was also a good portion and didn’t leave me stuffed (like most of my other meals :P).

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