OB Town

Last Wednesday, I was craving for some ramen (see post) and planned to go to Norikonoko. We arrived around 9 and unfortunately, they were already closing. We ended up going to Oriental BBQ Chicken Town aka OB Town, as an alternative.

I used to go here in high school because they would serve us pitchers of beer without checking ID. Now they card because they got busted for serving alcohol to underage.

Still, years later, whenever I think of OB Town, I think of beer and fried chicken. Their fried chicken is well seasoned, moist, tender with a crispy batter. We also got their yummy garlic fries and something I've never tried at OB Town, steamed egg.

Steamed egg reminds me of my mom. She'd make steamed egg with dried scallops or shrimp with chopped onion every now and then for dinner. It's comforting and I haven't had my mom's version in a long time. It wasn't like my mom's at all, a little too overdone (it was boiling in a clay pot when it reached our table), but still brought back memories.

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