Finally Got Some Ramen

I finally fulfilled my craving for ramen (see post). Well, to some extent.

I went to Norikonoko's last Saturday, ate ramen, drank beer and had some tasty sake. I ordered the cha siu ramen in shoyu (soy sauce) broth. It was OK, nothing fantastic. It tasted like packaged noodles that I can buy at the local Asian market.

The sake, on the other hand, was really good. It was called Ozeki Karatamba and served room temperature. It was light, not too dry and smooth.

The restaurant is small with a three person staff (slow and not the best service). The place is cute with a ton of random Japanese knick knacks – stuffed animals, stickers, wooden toys, large clocks and watches, figurines, lanterns, personal pictures, wooden zodiac animals…there was so much to look at and made the time pass while waiting for the service.

Norikonoko is not horrible, but I wouldn't recommend this place. Although the ambiance is homey, the food is only mediocre.

I'm still on the hunt for good ramen! Fellow posterouser Patrick recommended a blog and unfortunately they ones he recommends are mostly in south bay. :( Someday, I'll trek over there….

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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