Fresh Salad

For lunch, guess where I went to…..Gap's cafeteria! :) I do have to say, it seems like it's been awhile since I last ate there, but really, I eat there every single day I'm at work. I've been way busy with concepting so I've been eating not-so-interesting sandwiches.

This time, I got the special salad from the salad bar. Very green and healthy [ a lot healthier than my previous post :P ]. The salad was filled with mixed greens, grilled chicken, cucumber, radishes and topped with lemon vinagrette and tarragon pesto.

The only type of pesto I've had was basil based. Tarragon and basil are interchangeable, so I wasn't expecting anything too dramatic, but I was interested in the new flavor.

It was good. The tarragon had an aromatic, anise-like flavor that definitely added extra flavor to the otherwise bland salad. I think I still prefer basil since I love basil but tarragon is a nice alternative every now and then.

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