Gyoza Kudasai?

Ever since I met Jason, I asked him "gyoza kudasai" which means "can I have some gyoza (potstickers)" in Japanese. He flirted with me and said he'd make me homemade gyoza. Eight, ten? years later, I still have not had homemade gyoza from him. hahaha

Well, my friend, Genki, delivered. Literally.

His mom made a ton of gyoza and when he came over, gave Jason and I two big tray fulls. I gobbled down one tray all by myself. There were definitely no leftovers. The gyoza was filled with meat and vegetables and tasted so good with hot sauce.

Most gyozas at Japanese restaurants fry them in oil (so wrong!), but these were pan-fried for the right crispness.

Thank you Genki and your mom! :D

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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