Cafe Biere, Part 2

For the second week in a row, my friends and I went to Cafe Biere. This time, it was packed. What a huge difference it was from a week ago! Oh no, the word is out that Cafe Biere is a cool spot!

The place is already tiny and cramming twice as many people was claustrophobic. Our lovely friend and owner, Ivan, remembered us (yay!) and we fortunately were able to grab a seat at the communal table.

Free tasting came around and I tried many dark stouts. I'm usually a light ale drinker, but hey, it's free, why not give it a try? ;) Last week was all about the lambic and this week was all about the stout.

My favorite of the night was Scottish Stout from Belhaven. It was full (but not so full where it left you really stuffed), complex, roasted flavor and a little bit chocolatey. It was darn good. I still prefer lighter beers, but if I had to drink a stout, I'd grab this one.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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