V-Day Dinner

Oh boy, a lot of catching up to do! It's hard to post every day! :X

Anyways, as mentioned in previous posts, I don't have a car, so obtaining groceries is always difficult. Also, by not having a car, my boyfriend and I were forced to cook dinner at home.

Trader Joe's is really close and walkable distance. I rarely go there but my previous knowledge of TJ's is not a place to go for grocery shopping. In my mind, it's a place to go for already prepared meals and random snacks. My boyfriend swore they had seafood and meats, so we decided to get all our dinner ingredients from Trader Joe's. Then again, where else would we have gone without a car? :P

We decided to make buttered lettuce shrimp salad, baked salmon, zucchini with onions and strawberry flambe. We also bought a bag of frozen meatballs, which turned out decent.

The salmon was definitely not fresh, previously frozen, tasted like cardboard and extremely dry! We had baked it in the oven with a honey, ginger and soy sauce marinade. The robust sauce simply could not hide the stale fish. We sautéed the zucchini in a TJ bottled sauce – pretty good. The dessert…hmm, was…interesting. The flambé didn't quite flambé. The liquor unfortunately didn't burn off and the hard liquor made the strawberries taste really bad.

The dinner was sadly not our best, but I'll definitely never remember this Valentine's Day. ;)

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