Party at Mike’s

My friend, Mike, out of the blue, felt like cooking so he gathered mutual friends and threw a party at his place. He wanted to cook and drink wine? Do I even need to give a second thought if a friend wants to cook for me? I'm there!

It became sort of a tapas party. We started off with cold cuts, smoked salmon and crackers brought by Bruce. My contribution was Manchego and Mt. Tam – both excellent cheeses for red wine. Jason cooked his famous steamed mussels in tomato. We also had an abundance of wine coming our way.

The host of the party, cooked this amazing lamb slider with roasted red pepper sauce. It was damn good. If you've been reading my blog, you should know that I'm iffy with lamb. Maybe it was because it was ground meat (btw, first time having it this way) or I had too much to drink already (which I highly doubt), but the sliders did not have that gamy taste of lamb that I hate. I think I scarfed down about 4 of those bad boys.

Mike also made paella which was OK. The rice was undercooked and needed a little bit more time, but it wasn't horrible. The building of the flavors smelt so good. The mixture of chorizo and calamari….delicious! One thing I didn't know was that saffron made the paella red. I always thought it was tomato….. Learn something new everyday. :)

Oh yes, how could I forget my other contribution? Ube/taro/purple yam – whatever you want to call it – ice cream. It seriously comes in that bright, neon purple color. My mom bought it for me from the Asian market and it tastes like popcorn. OK, that sounds a little bit nasty, but it kind of has that taste. It's definitely a unique flavor and incomparable.

The party continued on with beer pong. Of course, we're at Mike's! We have to play beer pong. :)  Beer pong, beer, beer pong, beer after already many glasses of wine, and finally the boys ordered pizza while I passed out on the chair.

Ahh…what a great night. Mike should throw these more often. ;) Thank you!

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