Bruce’s Bday at Thirsty Bear

To celebrate my friend, Bruce's, birthday, a few friends and I gathered at Thirsty Bear on Howard x New Montgomery for dinner. This was my second time there and the previous experience was only so-so. It's a brewery and I thought their beers were not bad, but I thought their food was simply over priced and not worth it.

This time was a similar experience. It was great hanging out with my friends and sipping sangria [ I still make the best, in my opinion. haha. ], but I thought the food is still mediocre. Not bad, but nothing spectacular.

I took pictures of the dishes, but the lighting was way too dark and the pictures came out horribly. :( The only decent picture (before they started to dim the lights) was the one below, hama river oysters. I'm not a huge fan of oysters. The slimy texture turns me off, but  if they're small, I can eat them. These were fresh and good.

Other tapas we ordered were calamari fritos, flat bread with chorizo, empanadas, braised pork rib, grilled flank steak and garlic shrimp. OK food, not horrible, but in comparison to Cha Cha Cha, which is serves similar food, I would go there over Thirsty any time.

Even though I thought the food was mediocre, the most important thing was the fact that I got to hang out with my friends. It was great seeing them and enjoying each other's company. :) Happy birthday Bruce!

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