$16 Burger + Wine

I had a spontaneous dinner with a few friends at Skates on the Bay in Emeryville a couple of Thursdays ago. It seemed like a special night considering we were going to a "nice" restaurant with "breathtaking bay views," $25+ dinner entrees and two bottles of wine. But no, it was merely a Thursday and we felt like drinking good wine and having a nice dinner. :)

I've only been to Skates once before for drinks and when we got there, I was quite surprised by how packed the dining area was. I didn't think it was a popular place. Skates is quite large with expansive windows looking out into the bay – definitely beautiful, but since both times were at night, it's not THAT much to see.

While looking at the menu, I was just about to splurge, but thought, I'd stick to my guns and order the cheapest item on the menu – the Signature Chophouse Burger ($16). Boy, I sure was glad I listened to my instincts.

The burger was soooooo darn good. It was a natural and hormone free beef patty with smoked bacon, Boursin cheese and caramelized onions that also came with shoe string fries. At first, I was surprised the waiter didn't ask how I liked my burger cooked, but they perfected it. The burger was juicy, delicious, smoky and complimented the wine so very well (thank you for the wine again, Mike!). I was hesitant about the Boursin cheese (again, cheese, tough issue with me), but the cheese was extra soft, creamy and buttery. The burger was so filling, I could barely eat the entire thing!

I think it was also the most expensive burger I've had. Not sure if it was the best, but definitely very very memorable. Ahhh, what a great Thursday.

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