The Go-to Place: Zachary’s

Do you love Chicago style, deep dish pizzas? If you're in Northern California, give Zachary's a try. It is the best, deep dish pizza, with over 100 awards. It's not all hype! It really is AMAZING.

I was always a thin crust girl. And then I had Zachary's. I've never been to Chicago and ate authentic deep dish pizza so I can't truly compare, but man, Zachary's is so good. It's layers of deliciousness – thick crust, tasty ingredients, thin layer of dough and mounds of tomatoes and tomatoes sauce.

Unfortunately, Zachary's do not take reservations so you'll have to wait at least 45 minutes, even on a weekday. But, it's ok, just grab a beer on tap and time will go by fast. When you get there, you'll put your name and order in and by the time you get seated, your pizza will be perfectly ready for you.

Last week, my friends and I just took it to go and ordered our favorite, spinach and mushroom and added sausage. I've also had their baked chicken breast stuffed pizza that's also yummy. I highly recommend eating the pizza there, nothing beats eating pizza fresh from the oven.

In San Francisco, there's also Little Star Pizza that serves deep dish pizzas. Not as good as Zachary's. Their dough is made with cornmeal, so it's a totally different texture and their ingredients aren't as generous. No point to go there after you've been to Zachary's! ;)

Seriously, try it. There are three locations: Oakland, Berkeley and San Ramon. It's delicious.

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