The Go-to Place: Bonne Sante

My second helping of Bonne Sante definitely sealed the deal as THE place to go for sandwiches. Read about my first experience here. I tend to like to go to restaurants multiple times before I deem it a really good place. The first time might be good, but the second, third time HAS to be as good. I want to know that however many times I go to a restaurant, I'll have the same food, service and quality. Consistency, my friends. Consistency in a restaurant is key!

Anyways, enough preaching. My boyfriend and I were cleaning his apartment and our wonderful friend, Genki, brought two sandwiches for the three of us to share. The first one was turkey cranberry and the other was mortadella with salami and bacon.

The turkey cranberry was like Thanksgiving in a sandwich. So delicious. I've never had cranberry relish in a sandwich and this one was sweet and tart – such a great compliment.

The mortadella one was also yummy. It had the same sun-dried tomato relish as I had previously and it was intense with flavor.

I've had three different sandwiches from Bonne Sante now. i can't decide which one I like the best. I prefer the turkey ones a little bit more, just because I love turkey sandwiches. Hmm…I think I like the turkey, swiss with sun-dried tomato the best. I want to make that relish, it'd be great on crostini….

Bonne Sante doesn't mess around. You'll get a full, hearty, large sandwich that will satisfy your stomach and all your taste buds – all at a very reasonable price of $7 per sandwich.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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