Sausage + Polenta

Creamy polenta with Italian sausage and sweet peppers was my lunch from Gap's cafe a few weeks ago.

The polenta was good, but I think rice accompanying this dish would have made it so much better. The grains would soak up all the juices from the stew to create a very fulfilling meal. But, maybe that's just my Asian side talking. I'm always wanting to combine rice and any stew-like items together.

I also added a couple dashes of Tabasco that definitely spiced this dish up. I've been really into all things hot lately. I think ever since my dad's homemade hot sauce. I remember I was so sensitive to spicy foods and not being able to eat anything with the slightest hint of spiciness. Now, I'm chowing down jalapeños! My taste buds are definitely adapting. I just hope I won't go overboard and kill my buds. :X

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