Best Sandwich in SF?

I've been feeling adventurous lately even though last time's "new place" attempt didn't turn out THAT good (see post about my dinner at Cafe Zitouna here). Still wanting to explore San Francisco's finest restaurant establishments, I turned to Yelp once again and searched for sandwiches.

Hailed as the best sandwiches in San Francisco with over 559 reviews and a rating of 4.5 out of 5, I anxiously went to Ike's Place on 16th x Sanchez. The shop is small with a few tables outside for seating. What's most intriguing are the sandwich names such as Tony Soprano (turkey, ham, pepperoni, Italian dressing, Provolone), Fat Bastard (ham, bacon, extra dirty sauce, American) and Strawberry Girl (sprouts, cucumbers, raw mushrooms, lettuce, no tomato, sesame dressing, Jack).

I read comments saying the Backstabber was to-die-for, which was also quoted by the guy who took my order, so I gave it a try. The sandwich was large and filled with Halal chicken breast, marinated artichoke hearts, Caesar dressing, Provolone cheese and the regular condiments on a Dutch Crunch roll. I don't remember what my boyfriend ordered, but his was pretty similar to mine (he got one half of mine and vice versa), but instead of artichoke hearts, his had bacon and swiss.

One thing I must give Ike credit to is he SHREDS his chicken breast for the sandwiches. I love that idea! I've never had that before and it's so much easier to eat rather than a whole chicken tender that most places do. The chicken was pretty moist and complimented the sandwich very well.

Ike's sandwiches also included a lollipop with every order – very cute. ;) My boyfriend got a Pepsi and it was my first time seeing the new logo. Hmm..different. Not sure if I like it.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't say the Backstabber was "to-die-for" or the best sandwich in SF. It was good, but I would still take Bonne Sante's sandwiches (see my post here) over Ike's. Too bad Bonne Sante's in Burlingame or I'd go more often! The turkey swiss I got from Bonne Sante had this excellent olive and sun dried tomato spread that was soooo good. It made the sandwich over the top. Plus, Bonne's are EXTRA large, more bang for your buck. ;)

It was worth going just to go and at least I got to try "the best sandwiches in SF." :)

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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