New Oven

Oh boy, I have a lot of catching up to do. :X Finally 99% recovered – still wake up with a stuffy nose in the morning. :(

I got a new stove about two Wednesdays ago, I tested it out for the first time by cooking some napa cabbage. It's electric and I would have much much rather get gas, but my place only allows electric. Boo. It sure looks sleek though. I love the way it looks – who doesn't like a new toy? ;)

So far, so good. I enjoy it, looks super high tech with its bright red coils, but I'm so afraid to scratch it! The top is made of glass and I have to clean it with this special polish each time I finish cooking or it'd stain. I already left some white marks from BOILING water. argh. I was simply boiling water and I think there was some sort of weird chemical on the bottom of the pot that melted off. :( I can't get the spots off. Boo. Glass top – so much hassle.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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