Lunch last Wednesday was filled with more fun options from the sauté station.




I chose fusilli with marinara and meatballs that came with garlic bread. I've been craving for some meatball pasta so the lunch sounded perfect. I also rarely eat pasta for lunch (seems too filling), but it was just the right amount and I had to suppress my craving. ;)

I wish I asked for the sauce to be poured on TOP of the meatballs instead of in between, but it didn't matter after the first bite. The noodles and sauce should have been slightly warmer, but again, that didn't matter after I ate one bite of the meatballs. What's wrong with the meatballs you wonder. Well, it definitely tasted like lamb. Lamb. LAMB!

I was expecting beef meatballs (even though the menu didn't say they were, but I assumed). I don't hate lamb, but I certainly do not prefer it because of it's "gamy-ness." I think my very first experience with lamb was bad and that's scarred me for life. I can eat it, but again, if I had the choice, I wouldn't. So, I sucked it up and ate a few more small bites, but I just could not get over the fact that I felt tricked and I could taste that oddness. I was 100% thinking they were beef meatballs, but shockingly, found out they were lamb. Not a fun surprise.

Two consecutive failed lunches from Gap's cafe. Boo. Oh well, Thanksgiving made up for it. ;)

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