Things to Try: Deep Fried Sesame Ball

Deep fried sesame balls or "Jien Duy" in Chinese is an item you can get at most dim sum restaurants. It's fried dough filled with red bean paste and covered with sesame seeds. It's one of my favorite dim sum dishes and I frequently order it if it's offered.

But, Sunday was special. I was with my dad in Chinatown and he had to stop at a bakery to get some pork buns. I was sitting in the car waiting for him and he came back with two large sesame pastries in a plastic bag. He told me they were fresh and holy cow, darn right they were fresh. It tasted like it JUST came out of the fryer – warm and extra gooey. It was absolutely THE best sesame ball I've ever had. Hands down. My mouth is watering just thinking about it right now.

Although I'd have to say, the filling was skim and I was surprised that it wasn't red bean inside. It was still some sort of bean paste, just not red. Either way, still tasted really delicious and I loved it.

Forgetting what the bakery is called, I Google mapped it with street view and shockingly discovered that there is no English name to this place. It's on Jackson x Grant sandwiched between Tung Shing Trading and Wing On Trading. The bakery has all sorts of delicious goodies. It's a bit intimidating with the shouting of Chinese, but well worth it. :)

Love love this deep fried sesame ball. Yummmmmmm.

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