Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken

Last Thursday, I made a quick and easy dinner with prosciutto, chicken and rice with a butter and garlic sauce. I started off by wrapping prosciutto around salt and peppered chicken breasts. Before wrapping it, I pounded the meat and as Reggie mentioned, the prosciutto definitely kept the chicken super moist. I fortunately didn't over cook the chicken this time. Even if I did, I think the chicken would still have been moist. :)

To make the sauce, I removed the chicken and put some white wine in the pan to deglaze it. When all the yummy browned bits and pieces were coming off, I added some butter and garlic. After a few minutes of reducing the sauce and letting the flavor develop, it was perfect to spoon over my rice and chicken.

Dinner was excellent. Although I thought the prosciutto was a tad too salty. Next time, I won't salt the chicken and simply let the saltiness of the prosciutto flavor it. :)

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