The Go-to Place: Top Dog

Last Friday, I was in Berkeley for my friends' band's show at Blake's [Check out the band, Atama – they're awesome. :) ]. Whenever I go to Blake's to see Atama, I have to get a Top Dog beforehand…and most likely another one after the show when the hunger kicks in from the drinking. :P

Top Dog is delicious. It's a tiny, grab and go place that serves gourmet hot dogs. I always get lemon chicken – a sausage made of chicken, fresh lemon and garlic served in a warm, crusty bun. I remember my first reaction when Jason suggested me to get the lemon chicken. I was thinking, what the heck…? I was instantly satisfied and loved it upon first bite. So tender, delicious and flavorful. Plus, it's cheap! Only $3. :)

Sorry the picture is quite sloppy [ along with my toppings. :P ]. It's hard to hold a dog in one hand and a camera in another! There is a very limited number of seating, so I often eat right outside of Top Dog. I wish I had taken a picture of the inside, it's super tiny! There's a counter and only one guy managing the entire shop. He sounds like one of those guys from an auction or a horse race, super quick, speed talker. And he remembers every single person's oder without having to write it down. :)

I love this place. You should check it out. There are other places in the city that serve the same hot dogs but by a different name. There's one down the street from my work on Howard x Beale called "What's Up Dog?" which is pretty good. But, it's just not the same as Top Dog because Top Dog reminds me of good memories, hanging out with my friends, late nights and lots of drinking. ;)

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