Continuing with Berkeley…

After Top Dog, I was craving for some yogurt from Yogurt Park even though it was freezing cold and raining. It's just down the street from Top Dog and YP always reminds me of my family.

When I was little, my parents would stop by Yogurt Park on our way home from San Francisco. We would do it every so often and whenever we did, it was always a special treat for our ride home. :) I used to get a "small" which was humongous, but as I got older, I downsized to the mini, which is still a good amount of yogurt to fill you up. :) Plus, the price was affordable…and it still is to this day.

Yogurt Park is classic yogurt. Not all that fancy and trendy kind that Pinkberry and the likes serve. It's rich, creamy and smooth…good! YP changes their flavors daily (or every other day) and that night, I got half of pumpkin pie and cookies and cream. The pumpkin pie was so good. Tasted just like the pie. :) Cookies and cream was OK, I'd prefer the pie over it any day. My friend, pictured (in both pictures) got vanilla bean. Sounds plain compared to mine, but it definitely wasn't. You could taste the vanilla beans in every bite.

After the excellent show by Atama, Kate was hungry so we went over to Fat Slice, another favorite and she ordered a veggie pizza. That thing was hugggeeeee. I didn't eat any, but it looked appetizing with all its toppings.

Another successful time in Berkeley…hitting all my favorite and familiar spots in one fun night. :)

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