Chicken + Veggies + Rice

After an entire night of bumming around the apartment on Saturday, I made dinner at home again. Yay for me but continue reading and it won't exactly be something to cheer about. :P

 I thawed some frozen chicken fillets, rubbed some salt, white pepper and basil onto them and threw the chicken on the George Foreman grill. The GF grill is mighty useful I might add. I've only used it to cook chicken a few times, but it's convenient to walk away and let it do its thing. But, I walked away for too long this time…

Remember how I previously posted about being paranoid of overcooking chicken? Well, I jinxed myself and did it on the GF grill. I was yearning for the beautiful golden crust from the grill and argh, left it on there too long. :( The chicken unfortunately was too dry and it didn't help that I didn't make a sauce with the dish. I don't really know what happened. I think my heart was not into cooking and I was just doing it to get it done because I was pretty hungry and tired from doing nothing the entire day [ Really? I can get tired from doing nothing? :P ].

For the veggies, I originally wanted to saute some green beans I had bought a few days earlier, but unfortunately, they were already moldy. :( That's one thing I don't like about cooking, you always have to be on top of your grocery list and cook fresh produce as soon as possible. :( I had some frozen corn and peas, so I whipped out a pan and added some butter to saute them.

Sounds like this meal was not that appetizing or successful. :( Taste wise was only mediocre, it's not like I couldn't swallow it… :P For sure, not one of my best dishes.

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