Tuna Casserole

Wednesday night's dinner was tuna casserole. I think the reason why I
decided to make this was because I thought it'd be quick and easy. It
was definitely easy, but a lot more time consuming than I anticipated.
But, that was mostly because I was trying to get the sauce just the
right amount of thickness…

Anyways, I started the sauce by sauteing onions and bell peppers in
butter. Added minced garlic, mushrooms, thyme, salt and pepper
afterwards. I sprinkled flour on the mixture and cooked it for a few
minutes. Added white wine and chicken stock [ to make it taste like
you've been cooking it all day as Rachel Ray says :) ]. I kept trying
to make the sauce the right consistency by adding more stock and flour.
It was finally the right thickness when the sauce coated the back of a

I tossed the cooked egg noodles and a few cans of drained tuna into
the sauce and then transferred it to a square baking pan. Sprinkled
some crushed saltine crackers on top [ it would have been better if it
was cheese – mental note for next time! :) ] and baked the casserole
for about 30 minutes.

When I first pulled the casserole out, I was shocked because the
edges were a little bit too brown. Fortunately, it made the dish extra
good. The outer crust was crispy while the inside was a saucy, moist
mixture of noodles, vegetables and tuna.

It was a successful dish and even better, leftovers for the next day. :)

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