Cooking at Home, Again. :)

I had strategically planned out my groceries for a week of dinners (yay for me! :D) and next up was steamed shrimp in spicy, tomato sauce with rice. I had some eggplants and onions from the previous night's dinner, so I threw that in too.

I've had this dish before with mussels, but I wanted to use shrimp instead. Super easy dish. Boil some Clamato juice with some garlic and pepper flakes. Throw in some chopped eggplants, onions or any other vegetable you have. When the vegetable's almost done, put the shrimp in and cook until the shrimp's pink and done.

Serve over rice and be sure to pour extra sauce over your rice. :) I added some chopped tomatoes for a hint of "freshness." I wish I had some cilantro, that would of made it extra nice.

Dinner was yummy. Too bad I didn't make extra for lunch the next day, I'm sure the flavors would have been even better. Note taken for next time. :)

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