Fro-yo Craze

Ever since the huge success of Pinkberry, I've been seeing replicas of "natural, healthy" yogurt shops everywhere in the city. I actually love the trend, but it's quickly getting old and a little much when you start seeing it popping up every block or so.

I was in the lower Fillmore area for a festival and noticed there was a new yogurt place called Jubili on Fillmore x O'Farrell . It was so hot and a nice cold yogurt sounded like it would hit the spot. My friends and I walked in and I ordered an original "mi (small)" with strawberry topping. I couldn't believe the size of the small, it was pretty much a medium! Americans and their portions! Argh.

The original flavored yogurt was certainly not as good as the yogurt place near my work, YoCup or Pinkberry. It had a weird, tangy, "steel-like" taste. It's hard to describe how it tasted, but definitely not natural or fresh as these places claim to be.

It's ironic how these places are exact replicas of Pinkberry, from the topping choices, ambienace, interior, to even the same cutesy music playing in the background. But, in the end, if you don't have the same or better quality yogurt as them, it will never be as good – no matter how hard you try. And this goes for every restaurant, you can try to be the same, but in the end, you have to have much better food than your competitors to succeed.

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