Last Thursday, I went back to the Gapateria for lunch. :P I was at my new workstation and had so much to do that I didn't have time to go outside for lunch.

I ordered the special sandwich of the week, Reuben on rye bread with potato chips. It was ok, The Reuben was what I expected, good meat with a ton of sauerkraut, special sauce and melted cheese. Although the cheese wasn't super melty…either way, it was decent.

I used to not like sauerkraut because it's sourness. Now, I love it! Whenever I get a special sausage hot dog and I see a container of sauerkraut, I have to have it. It's yummy and gives the food a special tangy-ness.

As I was thinking about how I used to not like sauerkraut, I've come to realize it's either my taste buds got more sophisticated or I got used to some types of food. For example, I used to not like avocado. I thought it was mushy and weird looking. I now like it in burritos, sandwiches, salads, eggs, guacamole…anything. Wine is another example. When I first had a sip of wine, I thought it was so bitter and undrinkable. If I was to drink a wine, it would have to be white. Currently, I drink all varieties of wine, especially red. And I previously posted about figs – just recently, I'm into them.

I guess as I grow older, I'm willing to expand my taste buds and try new things. :)

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