Venturing Outside

As promised, I went somewhere else besides Gap's upstairs cafe for lunch! :)

I recently discovered there was a Rotee Express near my work – literally a block away on Howard x Spear. Upon entering, I could immediately smell all the different flavors and spices of Indian food. I ordered a chicken tikka masala (one of my favorite dishes) that came with rice and naan. The combination cost $8.50. A little expensive, but I was curious to taste it.

With my lunch in my hands, I was wondering if I should head back to the office or sit along the Embarcadero. Crazy that I had to even think about these options on such a BEAUTIFUL day! The weather was perfect – not too cold, not too hot, it was a bright sunny day in SF.

Sitting along the Embarcadero, I opened my lunch and enjoyed the tikka masala. The sauce was delicious and creamy when it was mixed with the rice. The naan wasn't that great. I've had much better, fluffier, less chewier naan than Rotee's.

Overall, it was ok. Nothing to brag about. I've had much better Indian food than Rotee's (Shalimar on Polk x Pine or Chutney on Jones x).

I'm just so glad I went outside of the office to have lunch. I don't know why I don't do it more often. When I first started, I would eat lunch outside every day and enjoy the beauty of SF and think about how lucky I am to be living here. I guess work overload kicked in and I "didn't have time" to do that…hmm..that's no excuse! :P I'm going to try to do go outside for lunch more often… :)

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