Another Meal from Gapateria

I swear I'm going to leave my building for lunch one day! :P haha. It's not like I don't have many restaurant choices… The cafe upstairs is pure convenience and most of the time, it's more affordable and healthier than eating outside. Plus, I get so caught up in doing work and having to go to meetings that I just don't have the "time" to eat out. Yeah, yeah, I'm giving myself excuses. Soon! I swear, you'll see me eating lunch outside of Gap. :X

While passing my colleague's desk, I saw her eating something very colorful. It looked so pretty that I wanted it too. Went upstairs to the sauté station and ordered myself a plate of Parmesan crusted wild pollack with garlic parsnip puree in broccolini pepper coulis. Wow. That's a mouthful. The fish was flakey with a perfect layer of crisp Parmesan crust. The garlic parsnip puree was light and helped balance the stronger flavor of the pepper coulis. It was good, needless to say. By the end of licking the entire plate, I was pretty darn full and satisfied.

I think it was one of the most decadent lunches I've had at Gap….and the most expensive. $8 for this plate. I mean, it's really not that bad, but I've never paid that much for something at Gapateria. Oh well, it was worth it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

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