Philly in Emeryville

I was in Emeryville over the weekend and stopped by the Public Market for a quick lunch. I remember going to the Public Market in the 80s and thinking it was the most awesome place in the world. It's basically a food court with different cuisines. It doesn't sound that fascinating, but back then, it was the "new" and different thing.

It's funny how the menus of the different restaurants are still super old looking. Nothing has changed since I last went there when I was a little kid. Except for the prices. It's actually quite expensive! My Philly sandwich was $6! Prices range from $6-9 a meal! Without a drink! And it's actually not the best tasting food in the world. :T

Here's my Philly cheesesteak sandwich. Decent. But I would have gone to Philly Cheesesteak Shop any day. Ugh, so good and like their moto, habit forming. ;)

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