I s

My BF and I went over to Emeryville to run some errands, but before we
could do that, we wanted to eat something.

Since Emeryville is “his hood (he works there),” I wanted him to take
me to THE place to go. He took me to a place I’ve heard him talk about
a few times called Wally’s. It’s a Mediterranean restaurant and
located in the back of a bar. Being in the back of a bar already
intrigued me because it doesn’t sound like the most welcoming place,
but I can deal with ghetto ambiance, as long as the food is delicious.

First impression, not so great, but I wasn’t going to give it a quick
cold shoulder. :) There was a huge dumpster right next to the
entrance, releasing a smelly stench. :P We walked through the outdoor
seating to get inside – a really small 12 seat counter with an open

I was advised to get the gyro wrap – a mixture of beef and lamb with
tomato, lettuce, onions and yogurt wrapped in a pita. I’m sensitive to
lamb because I often think it’s too “gamey.” But, I was determined to
get whatever my BF suggested.

After ordering, we were served a bowl of lentil soup that was sp. Free
soup with your meal! Nice! :D It was full of lentils in a warm peppery
broth. I’ve never had lentil soup before because it seems boring, but
this one was definitely not.

While waiting for our meal to arrive, my BF mentioned that their fries
are really good and it was only $2, so we ordered some. They came soon
after we ordered – piping hot and tossed in a salt and pepper mixture.
They were your regular crinkly fries but the fresh, hot oil gave it a
nice, crisp taste. How a French fry should taste. :)

My gyro came and I instantly knew I couldn’t finish it. Hahaha. But,
it was soooo good. The pita bread slightly toasted, warmed to
perfection. The beef and lamb mixture full of flavor with no
“gamey-ness” at all. The vegetables and yogurt gave the gyro a tangy,
refreshing compliment. Oh wow. It was soooooo good. By far, the best
gyro I’ve had. Even though, I don’t eat Gyros that much, let alone
Mediterranean….so I don’t know if that statement means much. :P But,
from now on, I’m in love! It’s so delicious!

The super friendly owner and chef, Wally, kept asking us if everything
was alright and making sure we were satisfied. To top it off, he gave
us a free piece of baklava. I’ve had several and they’re usually way
too sweet. So sweet that you can only take one single bite. Not at
Wally’s! :) It was crisp, flaky and perfectly sweet. Sigh. So good.

I’m in love with Wally’s and can’t wait to go back. It’s a huge plus
that my gyro was ONLY $6 and it came with a soup and dessert. :) I
obviously didn’t finish my gyro, two meals in one – worth it! :) I
know my BF and I aren’t the only one who loves this place. 4.5 stars
on Yelp – the highest rated restaurant in Emeryville. Go Wally’s! :D

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One Response to “I s”

  1. Travis Says:

    I’m going! Love med food, didn’t even know this place existed.

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