Sweet Tooth..or Teeth…?

I love Japanese candy, crackers, gummies, munchies – ANYTHING. So much better than American's.

Whenever my boyfriend's brother, Ray, from Japan visits, he always brings us a big bag of goodies. I love it. I always look forward to digging in and finding some soft, chewy fruit flavored gummy in a really nice packaging. Japanese always have really clever packaging. Sigh, I love all things Japanese!

This time around was no different, except for the quantity. Ray and his girlfriend, Aki, brought this HUGE box. Literally. A huge box. Piled high in the box was everything ranging from cider flavored gummies, green tea flavored pocky, "men's" pocky (why men's?? because it's bittersweet and women can't handle it? :P)  to "crunky" chocolate (wafer covered chocolate with nuts).

Aki laid everything out and my boyfriend and I were able to pick and choose whatever we felt like. It was great. :D I'm glad the bag isn't at my house right now or everything would be gone already. :X

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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