Colibri Mexican Bistro

Colibri, a trendy Mexican bistro spot in downtown, was the chosen place for a small high school reunion. I haven't seen these girls in months and I was excited to reconnect with them.

With robust Mexican music playing in the background, we savored in table side made guacamole and unique dipping sauces with fresh tortillas. The guacamole is the best I've had in the city. So simple to make and oh so good.

I ordered the "pescado del dia," fish of the day, which was some sort of white fish called whaheli (?) from Hawaii. It was firmer and tougher than a halibut, but the rich butter cream sauce helped moisten it. The tenderness of the chayote squash (like a white turnip) balanced the textures of the dish. The fish was topped with huitlacoche also known as "the mexican truffle." It is an edible funghi and grows directly inside of the corn kernel. It didn't taste like anything crazy, just like a mushroom.

Colibri brings Mexican food to a whole new level. When I hear Mexican food, I often think of taquerias, like stuff I eat in the previous post. Colibri is definitely not a taqueria, it's Mexican food redefined.

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