A College Student Dinner….and I’m Not a Student Anymore.

Last night, my roommate cooked a dinner that consisted of sauteed mahi mahi and asparagus risotto. Fancy eh? It made the apartment smell so delicious when I came home from a very very intense spinning class and I was exhausted.

The last thing I want to do is cook. I quickly scanned the pantry and fridge in hopes of finding something, ANYTHING. Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING I can throw together. Keep in mind, it's been over a month since I've been to the grocery store. :X

I remembered I bought a small carton of milk last week and what came instantly in my head is mac and cheese! Kraft mac and cheese to be specific. Quick and easy. Didn't I say I wasn't a fan of cheese? Yes…but somehow I can handle mac and cheese, one of the cheesiest dishes. I don't even know my own logic behind that. :P Anyways, me being lazy, I went to the corner store and bought a box of mac and cheese.

While I was there, I was craving for something crunchy….funyuns was the answer. Funyuns always reminds me of middle school. I always got a small bag of funyuns and Sprite. That was my go-to lunch when I didn't feel like eating a lot. Healthy huh? :P

The intense spinning class caused me to be dehydrated so I grabbed a Vitamin Water, XXX flavor, really good flavor I might add!

I came home and laughed at my purchases. Seriously, THIS is my dinner? Mac and cheese, funyuns and a Vitamin Water? I am a full time employee at a huge corporation and this is what I come home to. hahaha. It's funny to see the total opposite of my roommate's dinner to mine. I'd pick hers any day. ;)

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