Fast Food Round 2…..?

Didn't I just say I rarely eat fast food? :P

First meal in Vegas….McDonald's.

We were at Club Moon at the Palms, having a good time partying and then all of a sudden felt a weird pang in my stomach. I swear it wasn't a hunger pang! Those feel a lot different. :P We left the club and went downstairs searching for food and stumbled upon McDonald's. My boyfriend, knowing that I like to eat healthy (so thoughtful. :)), ordered me a premium grilled chicken sandwich.

Surprisingly, pretty good. Tasted like real chicken and flavorful. Of course it's filled with flavor, silly Maggie. It's injected with them! :P Anyways, I do remember it being good…orthat could have been the "hunger" or drunk-ness talking.

Side note: I just got back so a lot of catching up on posting! :X

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